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Bracketology 2009 – The Debut

Wednesday, December 7th, 2009

Today, we just seed everyone.  Monday’s edition, we’ll begin pairing everyone in pods as close as I believe the committee would do.  I would love to start that today, as it’s half the fun.  However, I’m a little short on time, and I honestly haven’t refreshed myself 100% with the bracketing procedures since last season.  Monday’s will be much more in-depth, with the first bReAkDoWn of the season as well. 

Either way, here’s the first look at the 2009 field of 65.  Again, I operate on a “if the season ended today” scenario. 

(*= automatic bids, which through the next two brackets will be given to the strongest looking team should they be tied in record)

The 1s:*Pitt, UNC, *Duke, UConn

The 2s: *Oklahoma, Syracuse, Wake Forest, *Michigan State

The 3s: Texas, Clemson, *UCLA, Georgetown

The 4s:*Tennessee, *Xavier, Notre Dame, Arizona State (I have the Sun Devils as a 5 and West Virginia as a 4, but I can only have 4 teams in the Power 16 from one conference, so I swapped the two.

The 5s:West Virginia, Villanova, Marquette, *Butler
The 6s: Baylor, Illinois, Ohio State, Purdue
The 7s:Gonzaga, Michigan, *Memphis, Cal
The 8s: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arkansas, *Davidson
The 9s:Kansas, *UNLV, Louisville, Boston College
The 10s: Florida, BYU, Miami (FL), Florida State
The 11s: *Saint Mary’s, Maryland, Texas A&M, Kentucky
The 12s:*Illinois State, Dayton, Stanford, *Siena
The 13s: *Western Kentucky, *Miami (OH), *George Mason, *Portland State
The 14s:*Pacific, *Utah State, *VMI, *Stephen F. Austin
The 15s: *American, *Vermont, *Cornell, *E Tennessee State
The 16s:*Austin Peay, *Morgan State,  *Alabama State, (Play-in Game) *Western Illinois v *Robert Morris
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