Meet Mike Fahmie

Mike Fahmie, Owner/Publisher
Mike Fahmie
So, who is Mike Fahmie?  I’m a man of many hats.  My sports fandom knows no bounds.  While I specialize in NCAA Basketball, there aren’t too many sports that turn me off.  From baseball, to volleyball, to the NFL, if it exits, I’ll grow to love it.
While will provide an objective view of the happenings in the world of sports, I won’t hide our allegiance to our beloved teams.  I’m a Michigan man and will always be.  I was front row for the Appalachian State disaster, the Tigers in the World Series, and many other priceless moments in recent Detroit history.
The Wolverines hold a special place in my heart, followed only by the Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings, and yes, even the Lions.  Though I’ve relocated to Tallahassee, FL, the teams back home will forever be mine.
Outside the site, my hats change often.  As I said previously, I am reside in Tallahasee where I am the Traffic/News Director for Cumulus Radio.  Radio is what I went to school for, and has long been my passion.  We hope to have a regular podcast schedule up and running before too long featuring a dynamic slate of guests. has gone through several phases throughout its lifetime.  I’ve tried several things, learned several lessons, and hope to bring you a leading site for your College Basketball news.  We’ll explore the game on every level, and above all else, prognosticate what the field of 65 will look like when finally released on Selection Sunday.
Mike Fahmie is available for interviews upon request.  If you wish to contact him for any reason, do so by emailing him at
  1. NIK
    August 27, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    hey whats up bud this is crickit n webbie n lurch just heard ya had this website so thought we would check it out pretty fuckin legite sorry dont know how to spell shit doesnt change, but if ya get rich n famous dont forget your old foootball buddys back home now ya hear. aight bud while take it easy n sounds like your doing well so keep it up.

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