Bracketology 2008- The Report Card

My Selection Sunday Live Blog, where you can follow my process for my final bracket is available HERE.  I will be launching a separate Bracketology site in the fall, details will become available this summer! 

Below is my final bracket posted at 5:45pm on Selection Sunday, 15 minutes prior to the selection show.



I feel pretty good about where I stand among the nation’s elite bracketolgists.  Of the 52 brackets recognized by The Bracket Project, I rank right at the top. 

Here’s My Report Card –

Correct Teams: 64 of 65, 98% – Tied for Second, only 2 brackets had all 65.

Exact Seeds: 37 of 65, 57% – Good for 5th.  ESPN’s Joe Lunardi only had 29,’s David Mihm 34.

Teams Seeded Within One Line: 60 of 65, 92% – Tied with Bracketology 101 for #1.  Lunardi had 54, Mihm 58. 

The Bracket Project Recognizes two scoring systems for ranking Bracketologists.  Again, this is out of the 52 ligit Bracketologists that The Bracket Project recognizes.

CBS Sportsline’s Gary Parrish’s scoring system:

1. Bracketology 101 – 164

2. March Madness All Season – 164

3. Mike On Sports 161

4. CollegeHoopsNet 161

5. Bracket WAG 160

Payman of PH Sports scoring system.

1. March Madness All Season 333

2. Bracketology 101 332

3. CollegeHoopsNet 328

4. Facts and Bracks 328

5. Mike On Sports 326

My Take

Of the five teams I missed by more then one line, four were only missed by two lines:  Washington State (MOS 6, Actual 4), Oklahoma (MOS 8, Actual 6), UNLV (MOS 10, Actual 8 ) and Kansas State (MOS 9, Actual 11) Oregon (MOS: OUT, Actual 9) was my only big miss.

The PAC 10’s representation on the Committe showed in two major head-scratchers.  Washington State’s lack of big wins in Pac 10 play was the reason I left them out of the Power 16, but the Committee Granted them a 4 seed.  Oregon was my first team out, but in the one big blunder by the Committee, they were given a 9 seed.  I have to figure the PAC 10 representation played a role in that.

I think Oklahoma is tad high as a 6, but it’s by no means unfounded. 

If UNLV would have lost the Mountain West Championship Game, many Bracketogists would have left them out.  However, by winnig, they earned themselves an 8 seed.  Once again, there was Mountain West representation on the Committtee, which surely helped thier cause.

Kansas State’s play in thier last 12 games obviously hurt them, but I’m suprised to see them as an 11 with a win over a #1 seed on thier resume.  I think a lack of Big 12 representation hurt them. 

Vanderbilt’s spot in the Power 16 is suprising.  The Commadores closed the year with two losses to Arkansas and one to Alabama in the last week and half.  Obviously, the Committee thought thier late season wins over Tennessee and Mississippi State outwieghed these three losses.

On a final note, while I think North Carolina is playing outstanding right now, Memphis deserved the #1 overall seed.  The Tigers only loss came to Tennessee, who was ranked #1 in the final RPI standings.  While Conference USA struggeled, they played the toughest non-conference schedule in the nation, picking up wins over Oklahoma, UConn, Austin Peay, USC, Georgetown, Arizona, Gonzaga and Siena in the non-conference season.  I also thought they sent a statement with thier play late in the season, blowing out UAB to end thier tournament hopes befre destroying Tulsa in the Conference USA Championship Game the next week.

This committe, headed by George Mason AD Tom O’Brien, did a fine job in setting the bracket, and should be proud of thier work.  Coming in one day early obviously payed dividends, espicially since they, like myself and all bracketologists, needed to build contingency plans late for the outcomes of the Big Ten and SEC Championship Games.

I will post my picks tomorrow, then we start tracking the tournament on Thursday!

  1. Jeff Gunnip
    March 4, 2008 at 8:29 am

    I don’t see Michigan I think you messed up.

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